The Soileater Shock Tube Retainer or STR, is a simple and effective way to keep your NONEL (non-elecric) Shock Tube out of the way and untangled. The STR's ambidexterious design allows the operator to position the STR in a variety of positions, including under the front of their plate carrier / chest-rig, or on the sides. The STR can also be used under most hook / loop combat belts, and inconjunction with a Soileater BMTH.


The STR will easily hold 30' lines, as well as dual primed 30' lines, totaling 60' of shocktube for operational EMB charges. 


The STR is Berry Compliant and Made in the USA. 


***This is not a Tourniquet Holder. For a Tourniquet holder of this style please check out our friends over at***

Shock Tube Retainer - STR


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