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I began my Law Enforcement career in 2012 in upstate New York. I have served as an Assaulter on my department's SWAT team for the past 10 years, and am a TEES certified Intermediate Explosive Breacher. I am an Advanced Firearms Instructor, General Topics Instructor and Field Training Officer. 

Throughout my career working patrol and SWAT it became clear that not all equipment was created equal. I would constantly modify, add or change my gear to better suit my needs or requirements for the given assignment or operation. The job was continuously adapting but the equipment remained the same or fell behind. This motivated me to take action and create Soileater. 

Some of my hobbies include training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, weight lifting and spending time with my wife and children.

I pride myself with #AlwaysImproving and consistently seek training to improve my professional skill-sets. 


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Tactical Kit:
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Rules of Engagement Tactical:
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