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I began my Law Enforcement career in 2012 in upstate New York. I have served as an Assaulter on my department's SWAT team for the past 8 years, and am a TEES certified Intermediate Explosive Breacher. I am an Advanced Firearms Instructor, General Topics Instructor and Field Training Officer. 

Throughout my career working patrol and SWAT it became clear that not all equipment was created equal. I would constantly modify, add or change my gear to better suit my needs or requirements for the given assignment or operation. The job was continuously adapting but the equipment remained the same or fell behind. This motivated me to take action and create Soileater. 

Some of my hobbies include training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, weight lifting and spending time with my wife.

I pride myself with #AlwaysImproving and consistently seek training to improve my professional skill-sets. 


Industry Partners
Here at Soileater we take pride in building relationships with quality people and businesses. Since starting in this industry in 2018, Soileater has created relationships with companies that share the same passion, mindset, and goals towards a higher standard. These partnerships and friendships are as followed:
Haley Strategic Partners:
HSP is your one stop shop for innovative soft goods and training. If you are looking to increase your proficiency with shooting and thinking, we highly recommend you check them out. To learn more about their equipment and training opportunities check them out at:
Mission Over Man:
Mission Over Man is a training company owned and operated by one of our closest friends and teammates, Christian. Christian has 22 years in law enforcement with over 16 years as active SWAT. Christian shares his experience and knowledge on the range with his students. To learn more about Mission Over Man and to sign up for classes visit his website:

Finest Hour LLC:
Justin the owner of Finest Hour provides quality training in both the firearms and medical field. As a SWAT medic, Justin focuses on training his students and preparing them for any situation they may encounter. To learn more about Justin and how you can prepare for your finest hour, head over to:  

Orion Concepts: 
Owned and operated by active SWAT "guys", Orion Concepts provides T-Shirts and merchandise for the LEO / MIL professional. If you are looking for some awesome T-Shirts or cool patches and stickers check them out. Legend has it, just wearing one of their shirts increases your testosterone levels. Get yours at:

Safe Haven Dynamics:
SHD carries just about every piece of tactical gear you could dream of. From suppressors, gun accessories, holsters, soft goods, weapon lights, merchandise and the fastest shipping in the industry. Also, the owner has the biggest biceps we have ever seen. Order with confidence at:

Lead Devil USA:
If you are looking for an extremely high quality duty belt or battle belt check these guys out. All Lead Devil Belts are made in the USA and warrantied. Our BMTH fits perfectly with the Lead Devil Belt for your next range day. You could say they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Order yours at:

OP Tactical:
A Soileater dealer, OP Tactical carries a wide variety of tactical gear and accessories. Visit them in store or online. If they don't have it, it probably doesn't exist. Check them out at:

Tactical Kit:
Tactical Kit is the UK’s leading retailer and distributor in high end tactical gear. Operating since 2008, our aim is to supply the highest quality equipment, while still providing a high level of customer service. Stocking the pinnacle in ‘Tactical Kit’.