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Nylon Products

If a defect in materials or workmanship is found in any of our nylon products, we will repair or replace it, free of charge. This excludes normal wear and tear. Products that we carry that are made by another manufacturer, such as North American Rescue are subject to the warranty and service policies of those manufacturers. Be aware that the customer is responsible for any and all return shipping charges. This warranty applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferrable. Proof of purchase will be required.

  • Normal use allows for a 3-year life of this product, due to natural degradation of materials, if this product is 8-years old it should be destroyed (even if unused)

  • All replacement parts must be acquired from Soileater LLC or a licensed dealer partner.

    If you have any issues with our products please reach out to us. We will try our best to make it right. EMAIL:

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