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*Sold Individually* 

The Soileater Radio Retention Tabs or RRTs were designed to add retention to magazines and radios in the most popular micro / mini chest-rigs on the market. Many of the micro / mini chest-rigs are modular and allow the user to customize the loadout along with the type of magazine "inserts" the chest-rig holds. This is usually performed by inserting different magazine "inserts" with velcro into the chest-rig with hook and loop velcro. Most of these inserts no longer have the standard shock-cord retention tabs that were previously used to retain gear. The RRTs fix this issue and are easily inserted between your chest-rig and "insert", allowing you to add adjustable retention to your magazines or radio.


How it works: The RRTs are inserted between the magazine "insert" and the chest-rig. The RRTs depth inside the chest-rig can be adjusted which changes the level of retention on the magazine or radio. The RRT is then sandwiched between the magazine "insert" and chest rig while also utilizing hook and loop velcro.

Radio Retention Tabs

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