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**Does not work with GBRS or Eagle Industries Belts, you need our Reversed version**


The Soileater Belt Mounted Tourniquet Holder V2 or BMTH V2 was re-designed for the modern professional. The BMTH V2 utilizes wasted space on your combat belt, allowing you to carry a CAT or SOFTT-W tourniquet with the new addition of a marker, decompression needle or chemlight holder. The BMTH V2 also adds more velcro real-estate to your belt, which will add to the reliability of this 2-belt system (outer / under belt). The BMTH V2 is a simple design that keeps your tourniquet within reach of both hands without any additional steps or wasted movements (Not having to remove snaps/velcro/buttons) in a high stress situation. Simply pull the tourniquet towards your centerline to remove it with either hand.  


How it works: Designed for belts utilizing a loop under belt with a hook/Molle outer belt, the BMTH V2 attaches to the outer combat belt with loop / velcro keeping it in place when donning and doffing. The BMTH V2 has hook velcro on the back side increasing velcro real-estate allowing your belt system to be more secure to one another.   


**CAT Tourniquet, Marker and Decompression Needle are NOT included.**

BMTH V2 - Belt Mounted Tourniquet Holder V2

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