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The Soileater ARIDE Smoke Pouch is the next generation in Smoke & Chemical Canister storage. ARIDE, which stands for "Adjustable Ride Height" is the best way to describe this fully customizable pouch.

This pouch allows the user to adjust how much of the Smoke / CS / OC canister is exposed at the top. This allows  for a better / faster grip for deployment when more retention is needed, such as on the back of your plate carrier or side of your kit.

You can also adjust the pouch so that the canister sits deeper and remove the hood

completely for extremely fast one-hand deployment.  


*Holds M18 style smokes as well as Mid to Large CTS Canisters such as: 5210, 5210JL, 5211, 5230, 5230B, 5230JL, 5231, 5430, 6210, 6210HC and similar sized items*



  • Removable Hood with ITW Male Buckle and OneWrap hook & loop backing.

  • Removable ITW QASM buckle for the front of the pouch.

  • Adjustable Ride Height. 

  • OneWrap hook & loop snag-free interior, allows for the pouch to be collapsed when not in use.  *Note that this feature will diminish over time with repetitive insertion of Canisters, similar to your mom.*-Dan

  • Built in MALICE Strap with Tegris stiffener, for solid mounting to a single channel of MOLLE. 

  • 1/2-Inch Laser Cut MOLLE adjustments on the rear of the pouch, allowing the pouch to be mounted on a variety of hosts such as belts, plate carriers and chest rigs. 

  • The ARIDE Smoke Bang Pouch takes up one column of MOLLE, but is wider than a single column.



Mil-SPEC 500D/1000D Nylon Laminate.

Heavy Woven Elastic.

Velcro® OneWrap hook & loop.

ITW Hardware Included.

Proudly Made In America.

ARIDE Smoke Pouch

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